ANATOMY muscle diagram deltoid, develop big delts, anatomy of the shoulder, trapezius muscles

Discover the Anatomy of the shoulder Muscle in Diagram form -plus the Deltoid muscles

Knowing the anatomy of the shoulder is important if you wish to develop big delts!

Understand that the deltoid region consists of 3 heads , namely the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid muscles. But if you include the entire shoulder girdle, you have to consider the upper trapezius and rotator cuff muscles as well!

ANATOMY muscle diagram deltoid

The anterior deltoid muscles are those which are visible just to the outside of your chest (pectoral) muscles. The medial deltoids are located on the outside part of your shoulder. The posterior deltoids are located further back on your shoulder just below the bottom/outer portion of you upper trapezius muscle. The upper trapezius muscles run down the back of your neck and extend out just to your medial deltoid and down to insert with the middle trapezius. The rotator cuff muscles are deep muscles and connect from various parts of your thoracic region to either the front, side, or back side of your humerus.

ANATOMY muscle diagram deltoid

Anatomy Muscle Diagram Deltoid

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