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The Deltoid Muscles- how to get big shoulder

To develop our Deltoid muscles We start with presses; this can either be the military press, where the bar is pressed from your chest to full lockout over your head. Then there is the behind the neck press, both can be done seated or standing with a barbell or a dumbbell. Lets stick to seated and let's stick to barbells; we are looking for stability, and ways to make the exercise harder, not easier. With every press exercise you will press only 3/4 of the way and return immediately to the start, which is an inch above your shoulders. That is how To develop our Deltoid muscles.

Thus to develop our Deltoid muscles you will be doing partial lower to full movements and as you fatigue your movements will cover less and less of a distance, rest then your muscle will scream as the blood pumps in. You can be sure it will grow, if you take it to the limit. You will start with full reps and then when you fail you will continue with partials even though they may be lowering distance of only an inch or two and then when you fail rest pause and go for some partials even though you may not be able too, still try never rest at the bottom. With the flyes the same goes, you never lower the weight to the limit as it comes down a couple before you kick off again. And at the top of the movement you do not go higher than the shoulder level you stay there for a couple of seconds and pour the milk. I.e. you twist your wrist with your little finger part of the dumbbell higher than the thumb side. Also tilt your body forward a bit, as you fly upwards and you should be able to see your posterior deltoids in the mirror as you do so and your side delts should be swelled up by now, thus your movement should resemble a bird flying, no rest up or down, you need constant tension on the muscle, that what makes the delts grow. As a final tip side laterals should always be done with your body slightly bent this allows for the involvement of more side delts and less frontal involvement.that is how we develop our Deltoid muscles.

Deltoid Muscles

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