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Use The Upright Row To Build Big Delts

The Upright Row -- The upright row can be the wrong exercise to use to develop the delts if you don't know how to use it, for the simple fact that it seems to hit more of the traps than the delts especially when you don't use the right hand spacing and strict form. To be effective you have to use wide hand spacing and you should not lift the bar higher than your chin. Other effective techniques include the use of the pre-exhaustion principle or combining it with shoulder presses.

The Pre-exhaustion principle is used when you first pre-exhaust the delts with an isolation exercise for the delts such as Flyes and then moving directly to a compound movement such as the press behind the neck that involves the use of several muscles, such as the upper back muscles or more evidently the weaker triceps muscles. This eliminates the weak link which is the triceps muscles, the delts having been previously hit by the laterals are now weaker and thus when you perform presses the now stronger triceps push your delts to failure, something it would have fall short off if you had just performed the presses, this however does not mean that its not a productive exercise done by itself.

The other exercise is performed by combining the upright row with the shoulder press. You begin with a normal upright row (wide hand spacing) except when you reach the top of the movement you turn your palms up and begin to press it to shoulder height, you could use any press but for better performance you should use the military press .Its a really painful and demanding exercise but it is an excellent growth stimulator for the delt muscles.


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